Dental Broker - Buyers and Sellers

A Dental Broker - for Buyers and Sellers

Dental Broker - for Buyers and Sellers!

Dr. Gary DDS, is a tenured dentist and now the number one authority in dental transitions, or, the buying and selling of dental practices.

Dental BrokerA dentist and a dental broker - a unique combination you won't find elsewhere; and here's his story.....

Long before becoming a dental broker  Dr. Gary started a very successful dental career - purchasing a dental practice that included a building, a parking lot, and an existing dental office. In the years to follow, he opened two more offices in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Dr. Gary’s practice was not only very successful, but highly rated as well. When he was in the process of selling his three-office practice, he discovered, most so called "dental brokers" did not assume a hands-on role in the process. They were not present during meetings with prospective buyers of his offices.

Dental BrokerThese "dental brokers" were not dentists, they were attorneys, bankers, and general business brokers, who decided to enter the dental transition market. These "dental brokers" were mainly familiar with industry buzz-words, and not intimately connected to the dental industry itself.

Dr. Gary bases his business model on remedying every frustrating shortcoming he encountered when selling his own dental practice, via the dental brokers available to him at the time.

Dr. Gary is hands-on, and available 24-7. He will be by your side through the entire process, whether you are a dental practice buyer or a dental practice seller. I stress "dental practice" because that is all he does. Dr. Gary is the leading dental broker!
Dental Broker
Dr. Gary is an expert at valuating dental practices - he built and ran his own successful dental practice, and he valuates and sell them right and left.

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On The Road with Dr Gary

Dental Broker - for Buyers and Sellers!
The Dr. Gary Team utilizes two main approaches to represent sellers

  1. Selling to a private entity
  2. Selling to a DSO
Selling a dental practice to a private buyer involves the usual tactics - Marketing, listing, non-disclosure agreements, meeting with prospective buyers, etc. This is the natural route to take for selling a smaller practice.

If you have a larger practice, selling to a DSO would be the way to go. DSO's are well funded dental practice buying organizations that offer top dollar for successful practices that qualify. The larger your practice, the harder it is to find a qualifying private buyer.

A DSO sale requires the dentist and staff to stay on for two or more years, "transitioning" out over that time. The seller will net significantly more going this route.

If your practice qualifies, there's a DSO waiting to reward you handsomely for your effort.

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